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RTU Disinfectant

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Used to clean and disinfect hard non-porous surfaces as well as killing microorganisms on hospital soft surfaces, beddings, couches, curtains and upholstery.


EPA Registered to be effective against Covid-19 when used as directed on the Product sheet.

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Greater Cincinnati Area
Full Cleaning / Janitorial and Disinfecting of Coronavirus/Covid19

Our service technicians provide month to month preventative maintenance. This includes making sure your machine is dispensing in a manner that heeds the best yield cost but also meets the Board of Health regulations. We provide you with directions and updated information on your machine to ensure that it is running the way it should. We provide emergency service and correction of problem you called about. No more Emergency calls going unanswered.
We will get back to you and help you fix the problem or come fix your machine on site. They’re called emergency calls for a reason and we understand the importance of it. In addition to fixing emergency calls, our technicians install all machines and dispensers, test all chemical levels, as well as on premise instruction of how to maintain and operate your machine. It’s our job to make sure your machine is well put together and maintained so you don’t have to carry the burden of doing it yourself.

  • (Provided Set-Up)
  • Water/Chemical Mixing Dispenser
  • Existing Water Connection
  • Bottle Wall Racks
  • Trigger Spray Bottle – (Depending on product used)
  • MSDS/Product Data Booklet
  • Use/Safety Tutorial
  • Routine Ongoing Service & Preventative Maintenance